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Luxury ocean activity company on the private island of Lana'i Hawaii. Snorkel, Sail, Sunset, SCUBA, SUP, Fishing and Private Charters. 


two-tank certified dive

This trip is for the serious scuba diver who is looking for a two-tank dive that goes beyond the ordinary. There are over 13 dive sites on Lana‘i and we vary the dive sites throughout the week so our guests can experience the best dives Lana‘i has to offer. Lanaʻi is famous for the unique underwater lava formations (arches and tubes), pristine coral and crystal clear water. Our professional Dive Instructors and Dive Masters will show you why scuba diving on Lanaʻi is in a class by itself!

Please note that all boat dives are weather permitting.




Gourmet picnic lunch ordered through Four Seasons, premium adult beverages, assorted sodas and chilled bottled water provided.


SCUBA equipment, wetsuits and accessories are included in price of excursion.

Divers will need to know your weight and wetsuit size 24 hours in advance. 



Available for private charters only.


Check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure time in the Resort Lobby.

The Four Seasons offers a round trip shuttle service to and from Manele Harbor.


Lanaʻi Catamaran


Dive sites

Divers inside 1st cathedral

first cathedral

50-65 feet

This is the most popular dive site on Lana'i and for a very good reason; it's absolutely beautiful! If you have ever been to a church with stained glass windows, then you noticed that when you first enter all the light shines in from the side through the glass. This dive site gets its name from a similar effect caused by the light shining in from the sides of a 100-foot underwater lava tube. This has been the site for numerous underwater weddings and proposals. Another fun feature to this dive site is the exit of the lava tube. It is fondly know as the "shotgun" because when you exit the overhead surface action will actually "shoot" you out as you surf the pressure wave. This site also has several other interesting lava formations off the main lava tube.



50-80 feet

Where King Kamehameha spent his summers with family and challenged his Hawaiian warriors to show their courage by cliff jumping. This dive site gets its name because the rock next to the site looks like a large shark fin. Shark Fin Rock is actually located at the south western tip of the island, and the western side typically has the best visibility of anywhere on Lana‘i. The underwater topography around the rock is a good dive but the drop off at the end of the rock is first-rate. Tons of fish are at the drop off and the superior visibility makes it feel like you can see forever. The under water beauty here is only surpassed by the spectacular sea cliffs on the western shore.


second cathedral

40-65 feet

Just because it called "Second Cathedral" doesn't mean it second rate. This lava tube is larger than First Cathedral and is best described as a huge lava formation in the shape of Swiss cheese. The main body of this lava tube is about 30 feet in diameter. It’s massive!!!! Inside the cavern you will find numerous nocturnal fish that you can usually only find at night. This lava tube has about 7 different ways for a diver to enter and exit, making it a divers swim through paradise. On the seaward side of the pinnacle there is a really spectacular drop, with a nice cleaning station to check out the smaller creatures. This site also has a lot of the elusive pyramid butterfly fish.


Menpachi Caves

30-55 feet

In the 1970’s this location was used for TV episodes of Charlie’s Angles and Hart to Hart. This site is a little shallower than most sites, but why go deep if everything you need is in 40 feet. This site has more bang for the buck than any other site on Lana‘i. Menpachi is the local word for Squire Fish and the reason it’s called Menpachi Caves is because of all the menpachi in the long lava tube. The lava tube at this site is not as big in diameter as some of the others on Lana‘i, but it is a very long one! In the main cavern there is an opening that leads back to a smaller cave. Shine your light in there and you are likely to see almost every species of lobster we have in Hawai`i. Menpachi Caves has not only one of the longer tube, but lots of other swim throughs and a wealth marine life.